Something out of nothing

Last September I decided I wanted to be craftier and that I spent too much time in the big city and not enough time using that “other” side of my brain. Growing up I remember my grandma always having a project on the go. I am pretty sure she learned to sew because she had to – it was the only way she was going to get new clothes or her wedding dress. But she continued to sew because it was her way to give us something heartfelt and special from prom dress hems to bean bag chairs. She taught me how to sew, which I did up until I went to college.

I took a knitting course for the winter. I loved it. It wasn’t relaxing and I spent lots of time trying to will my yarn to do what I wanted it to. But I still loved it.

On 6th December, in memory of my Grandma for her birthday, I took an embroidery course with the lovely ladies at The Scarlet Peacock. I loved that as well.


 And from there I went on a crafty educational tour. I took two pillow making classes, bought a sewing machine, practiced my knitting, bought books, and supplies – a wonky yard stick, lots of yarn, thread and material galore. And thought of my Grams, a lot. She would have loved all my adventures. And hated blogging.

 This weekend I decided to teach myself to crochet. Start with the basics. A square. Mine doesn’t look much like a square. In fact, mine isn’t any recognisable shape. But we all have to start somewhere.


About Chryssi

Part time runner, crafter, reader, and day dreamer and full time city worker. I live in London with my wonderful husband and love it but miss the beach and mountains of California. I enjoy cooking and wish I was a better baker. I don't like regrets or New Year resolutions.
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