crazy, tragic, sometimes almost magic, awful, beautiful life

But not a vintage life.  Nope, I don’t lead a vintage life. And I don’t have a vintage husband.  In fact, I’m not even certain I lead a crafty life.  And I certainly don’t have a crafty home.  Five and sometimes six or seven days of the week depending on travel, I am a business woman in a suit. It’s unlikely you’d be able to pick me out from all the other train commuters.  I work in an office, I sit in front of the computer, and I do negotiations and write contracts.  I don’t knit on the train, although many days I wish I did.  But my train ride is short and most days crowded.  Many I don’t get a seat. I am a full-time professional with a craft addiction but I also love reading and cooking and running.  And as much as I love my hand knitted socks, I also love clean fresh lines and Danish Design.  

Most the time I feel like I don’t really fit in the “crafty” world.  The things I like to make, I don’t necessarily want all over my house. I don’t own a hutch or have a dresser in my kitchen (and I don’t want either). I don’t take long walks every day, bake gorgeous cakes or have coffee every morning in the garden.  And I don’t take pictures of everything.  Or at least not many pictures that do justice to what ever I am photographing. But more than anything, I feel like I am the only one out there who is away from home 10+ hours a day and tries to squeeze in my crafts when I can on top of everything else I love to do and need to do (like clean the house!).  Maybe it is just because all of these other women just don’t have the time to post on blogs.  Instead they read them on their lunch hour like I do and day-dream about what it is like to have hours to knit in front of the fireplace or sew while listening to Christmas music. 

I really do love my life.  It’s just not that life.


About Chryssi

Part time runner, crafter, reader, and day dreamer and full time city worker. I live in London with my wonderful husband and love it but miss the beach and mountains of California. I enjoy cooking and wish I was a better baker. I don't like regrets or New Year resolutions.
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